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My name is Miguel Colom and I'm a researcher and engineer at CMLA in École Normale Supérieure de Cachan. My main research interest is digital image processing, especially blind noise estimation, blind denoising, compression and, in general, signal processing.
I'm also part of the Editorial Board of the online journal Image Processing On Line (IPOL) and I serve as the architecture responsible for its online demo system.



- Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2014. Thesis: Multiscale Noise Estimation and Removal for Digital Images. Supervisors: Dr. Antoni Buades and Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Morel. Mark: Summa cum laude. PDF icon[Doctoral Thesis manuscript]. Coverage at UIB (CAT) and CMLA (FR).

- Computer Science degree, specialty in Computation (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), 2015. You can download the PDF icon[degree's thesis] (English) on firmware for the Smart Citizen Kit sensors board and the low-power RTX4100 WiFi module. The PDF icon[slides of the presentation] (English) are also available. The source codes corresponding to the low-power Source code icon[RTX4100 WiFi module] firmware and the improvements in the Source code icon[sensors board] are available in GitHub. This work was the finalist (second position) of the 2nd edition of the UOC-RFM awards.

- Master M2 Mathematics/Computer Vision/Learning (master "MVA", ENS-Cachan, 2010). Master Thesis on multiscale image denoising. You can download the PDF icon[Master's Thesis] (English).

- Master on Free Software (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, 2009). Master Thesis on data edition in distributed environments, using the UniWiki system. In collaboration with INRIA-Nancy (France) and the University Rovira i Virgili. You can download the PDF icon[Master's Thesis] (Spanish).

- Telecommunications Engineering degree (Universitat de les Illes Balears, 2003). Degree Thesis on robust and fragile watermarking in images. You can download the PDF icon[Degree's Thesis] (Spanish).



Main research interests
  • Image and video blind noise estimation and denoising
  • Non-parametric methods
  • Statistics and structure of natural images
  • Image models
  • Hyperspectral satellite imaging
  • Reproducible Research
Have a look at the freely available noise-free test images I created for this, or download them all in a ZIP icon[single ZIP] file

Other activities
- I'm an active reviewer and specifically I've peer-reviewed articles for the following journals: - Section editor: - Part of the Scientific Commitee of the 20th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition (CIARP) 2015.


- M. Colom, B. Kerautret, N. Limare, P. Monasse, and J.M. Morel (2015). IPOL: a new journal for fully reproducible research; analysis of four years development. 7th IFIP International Conference on New Technologies, Mobility and Security. PDF icon[Article] PDF icon[Presentation] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Colom, M. Lebrun, A. Buades, and J.M. Morel (2014). A non-Parametric Approach for the Estimation of Intensity-Frequency Dependent Noise. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). DOI icon[doi:10.1109/ICIP.2014.7025865] PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Lebrun, M. Colom, and J.M. Morel (2014). The Noise Clinic: a Universal Blind Denoising Algorithm. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). DOI icon[doi:10.1109/ICIP.2014.7025541] PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Colom, G. Facciolo, M. Lebrun, N. Pierazzo, M. Rais, Y. Wang, and J.M. Morel (2014). A Mathematical Perspective of Image Denoising. International Congress of Mathematicians. Video icon[YouTube]

- M. Colom, A. Buades, J.M. Morel (2014). Nonparametric noise estimation method for raw images. Journal of the Optical Society of America A. DOI icon[doi:10.1364/JOSAA.31.000863] PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]
This paper was published in Journal of the Optical Society of America A (JOSA A) and is made available as an electronic reprint with the permission of OSA. The paper can be found at the following URL on the OSA website: http://www.opticsinfobase.org/josaa/abstract.cfm?uri=josaa-31-4-863. Systematic or multiple reproduction or distribution to multiple locations via electronic or other means is prohibited and is subject to penalties under law.

- M. Colom, M. Lebrun, A. Buades, and J.M. Morel (2015). Nonparametric Multiscale Blind Estimation of Intensity-Frequency Dependent Noise. IEEE Transactions On Image Processing. PDF icon[Article] [BibTeX]

- M. Lebrun, M. Colom, and J.M. Morel (2015). “Multiscale Image Blind Denoising. IEEE Transactions On Image Processing. PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Colom, A. Buades (2013). Analysis and Extension of the Percentile Method, Estimating a Noise Curve from a Single Image. Image Processing On Line. DOI icon[doi:10.5201/ipol.2013.90] PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Colom, A. Buades (2013). Analysis and Extension of the Ponomarenko et al. Method, Estimating a Noise Curve from a Single Image. Image Processing On Line. DOI icon[doi:10.5201/ipol.2013.45] PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Lebrun, M. Colom, A. Buades and J. M. Morel (2012). Secrets of Image Denoising Cuisine. Acta Numerica, 21, pp 475-576. DOI icon[doi:10.1017/S0962492912000062] PDF icon[Article] Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

- M. Colom and J.L. Lisani (2004). An improved frequency-domain technique for robust image watermarking. IWSSIP'04: International workshop on systems, signals and image processing, ambient multimedia, pp 427-430. Bibtex icon[BibTeX]

In peer review:

- M. Colom, A. Buades (2014). Analysis and Extension of the PCA Method, Estimating a Noise Curve from a Single Image. Image Processing On Line. (In peer review).



- Slides of the C language programming lectures (December 2012 - February 2013), with Samy Blusseau.

- PDF iconIntroduction to GNU/Linux and PDF iconLaTeX (September 10, 11, 12 2013) with Aude Champmartin and Lara Raad.

- Reproducible Research with Image Processing On Line (IPOL). This course is being tought at several universities and research groups of Latin America in 2015.

Master's students

Degree's students

  • Alexis Mongin, from Epitech. Direction of the 1st year's internship at CMLA.

Talks and Worshops

- THORR Workshop (Training ans Hands-On in Reproducible Research Workshop) at the 20th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition, Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November, 2015, Montevideo (Uruguay). I taught the THORR workshop on Reproducible Research within CIARP 2015. It included topics such as source code in reproducible research, legal aspects, the IPOL journal, and discussion of particular cases. PDF icon[Program]

- Open Software Initiative (OSI) day, October 26, 2015, Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science. Talk: PDF icon[Building a service-oriented platform for online physiological data analysis]

- Computational Photography and Intelligent Cameras, February 4-6, 2015, IPAM, UCLA. I presented a poster on blind multiscale noise estimation and denoising with real images.

- Co-conception de systèmes hybrides : quand l'instrumentation et les traitements numériques se rencontrent, October 31, 2014, Télécom Paris. Talk: Characterization of noise throughout the camera processing chain and denoising of images with unknown noise model.

- Workshop on Reproducible Research in Signal, Image and Geometric Processing, from July 22 to 27, 2013. Fondation des Treilles.
Some of the documents I wrote for the workshop: PDF icon[Conception and Standarization of Online Executions Tools] | PDF icon[File Formats and Web Interfaces for 2D and 3D data] | PDF icon[How to Review and Validate Software]. [Photo of the group].

- Young researchers’ workshop on Statistics, Learning and Variational Methods in Imaging, 20-21 September 2012, DAMTP, University of Cambridge (UK). Talk: the Noise Clinic.


International Research Stays

I have collaborated with several research groups, including:

Professional Experience

I've worked as an engineer at the following companies: Alta Tecnología Aplicada SL (AltecSoft), Sol Meliá SA (outsourcing from SM2 Baleares SA) and Juniper Consulting.

I obtained the following professional certifications from the Professional Association of Computer Science Engineers of Catalunya (COETIC):

PDF iconDataBase Administrator
PDF iconDataBase Developer
PDF iconStay in IS/IT Professional Environment.

These certificates come with a code that allows to verify them against the web of the Professional Association.


Smart Citizen project

I contributed to the Smart Citizen project by writing embedded C++ code for the firmware of the new boards (version 3). These boards contain sensors (light, sound, gas, humidity, ...) collecting data that can be shared in a queried in real time. The objective of the platform is to serve as a node for building productive open indicators and distributed tools, and thereafter the collective construction of the city for its own inhabitants. On one hand I wrote the code to use the low-power RTX4100 WiFi module of the new sensor boards (Source code icon[source code] available in GitHub). On the other hand, I wrote several improvements to the code managing the sensors (Source code icon[source code] also in GitHub). A complete document with technical details of the project can be downloaded from here: PDF icon[SmartCitizen Project].

Whitespace interpreter

I spent some days coding this Source code icon[interpreter of Whitespace] (an esoteric, stack-based imperative programming language) written in Python. More info here.

Contribution to fMSX

A contributed with the idea and code of using GZIPpped disk images as disks in the fMSX 3.0, an emulator of the historic 8 bits microcomputer MSX.

Tape demodulation and decoding

I'm writing a binary frequency-shift keying (B-FSK) to extract the data from old tapes of 8 bits microcomputers (as MSX, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, ...). The idea is to turn the modulated signal into a stream of 1s and 0s, correct the errors using the prior knowledge of the codification used by each platform and extract the files. It's not finished, but the MSX part seems to work correctly. Source code icon[Project website]

Notes on electronic instrumentation

I wrote this PDF iconshort manual on electronic instrumentation in 2002 when I was studying the degree on telecommunications. It covers briefly temperature, light, and pressure sensors and it also discusses a bit on linearization circuits (written in Spanish). Note that the website and email address in the document are no longer valid.

Proudly rejected by Google!

On 11/17/2014 I went to Google in Mountain View to make some interviews. At the end I got rejected :S, but still I'm happy because I feel that I did a good job, even though. And it was a good experience, after all. [Picture of my guest badge].

Art and "art"

- I colaborated with Julia Puyo to build El Tiempo Real (The Real Time), an artistic reactive installation involving retrieval of twitts in real time and a mechanical device. It is exposed at the Galería Antonia Puyó from November 18, 2014 to January 15, 2015 in Zaragoza (Spain). Coverage at El Periódico de Aragón

- These are results from some of my experiments. Some of them accidentally and some others on purpose :-)


Miguel Colom
CMLA, École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
61 avenue du Président Wilson 94235 Cachan cedex, France

E-mail: miguel(at)mcolom(d0t)info
Please turn the (d0t) into a dot and the (at) into the @ sign.
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